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For Property Managers

DC Tree Delivery has delivered hundreds of Christmas Trees in the greater Washington, DC area to apartment dwellers seeking to retain holiday traditions while also maintaining modern convenience.

In the past, residents of large apartment complexes brought trees into the building at inconvenient times, blocking elevators for other residents and leaving a trail of needles which requires additional clean up from staff. In order to provide the services that residents and property managers want we have rolled out a new, weekday delivery service for participating Property Managers. Here is how it works:

  • DC Tree Delivery delivers trees on a designated weekday, using the service elevator to reduce resident congestion.
  • Our professional delivery method reduces needle drop. All other needles are vacuumed prior to departure.
  • We provide optional Christmas Tree removal at the end of the season.

We work with Property Managers to select a preferred delivery date as well as provide promotional postcards and information to be shared in mailboxes and resident newsletters. If you would like more information or would like to participate in the 2016 Property Manager Program please reach out to us via email or phone number listed below. Be advised that Apartment delivery dates go very quickly. We look forward to working with your community.


Property Manager Program Phone: (860) 933-8416

Published 10/10

Updated 10/21 - Only 6 Apartment slots remain!