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Not all Christmas Trees are created equal. DC Tree Delivery sells only Premium grade trees that look great and last well into the New Year. In fact, Christmas Trees are graded by the Department of Agriculture into three different groups:

Premium - DC Tree Delivery sells only Premium quality trees. In order for a tree to be graded Premium they must look great on all sides, have heavy needle density, a straight trunk, and a classic Christmas Tree shape. These are near perfect Christmas Trees.

Grade #1 - These trees can be imperfect on one side, have less needle density, and are prone to drying early in the season. Though you may not see it at purchase, unsightly branch gaps and discolorations may be present at setup.

Grade #2 - You'll find these trees at your local retail stores. Grade #2 trees lack the needle density, shape, and smell that make coming home to a fresh cut tree great. 

We at DC Tree Delivery sell only Premium grade Fraser Firs. Our hand selected trees are cut fresh upon arrival to ensure a thirsty tree that will last well into the New Year. Whether you are live Christmas tree veteran or you're a first timer, we want to make it easy and affordable for you to display a beautiful, fragrant, tree this holiday season. Using our hassle free holiday experience, anyone can order, display, and recycle a live christmas tree from the comfort of your couch!




Christmas tree deliveries start on Black Friday and run through December 16th. We deliver trees in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA.

- Photo of DC Tree Delivery Tree Farm

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